Past Nebraska Music Association Hall of Fame Inductees:

We proudly are including all prior inductees from previous adaptations of the Hall of Fame. These names are automatically recognized and inducted. If there are any official names not mentioned, pleases contact us with proper information and documentation.

Ron Tuccitto Award
Greg “Bosco” Goodman – 2003
Ken McMahon – 2001
Doug Campbell – 2000
“Little Joe” Hupp – 1999


Mitch Bosn
John Grady
Young Country
Sound Of Fate
Billy Rich
Herbie Rich
Buddy Miles
Roger Williams

Jim Casey
Tom Benjamin

Beautiful People
Freedom Road
Dickey Lee

Greg “Jeep” Bloom
Velvet Haze
Dave Brown
Lauren Brown
Bob Olsen
Six Wild Brakmen, The
Dennis Lewchuk
Ogden Edsl
Seven Legends, The

Steve Hanson
Floyd Paul
Little Joe & The Ramrods
Don Ratliff
Bugsy Maugh
J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles
Charlie Burton
Mark Dalton
Dave Robel
Jack Davis
Bart Becker
Eccentrics, The
Tom Johnson/ Toms Country Music Store
Echoes, The
Randy Meisner
Drivin Dynamics, The
Howard Street Tavern/ Jim Ludwig
Zoo Bar/ Larry Boehmer
Sean Benjamin
Max Carl Gronenthal

Janice K
Joe Gray
Teen Rogues, The
Dick Matousek/ C & M Enterprises
Jimmy Akin
Double K Drive-In
Behmers Music
Russ Gillespie/ Russ Gillespie Enterprises
The Fabulous Flippers
Dietz Music
Fay Hoagan Experiment, The
Pat Glenn
Jim Cidlik
John Brown/ Mid Continent Enterprises

Modds, The
Wynonie Harris
Bobby Lowell
Chevrons, The
Classics, The
Preston Love
Sandy Jackson/ Sandys Escape
Roger W. Morgan
Royal Grove Ballroom, The
Ron Tuccitto
Sun Records/ Jerry Phillips

Pla-Mor Ballroom, The
New Breed
Coachmen, The
Chancellors, The
Kings Ballroom

Dynamic Drfters, The
Strollers, The
Skylon Ballroom, The
Toms Music House

Mel Sanders
Smoke Ring, The
Mike Sund
Dennis Volk
Ron Thompson and the Broughams
Don Sohl And The Roadrunners
Dreem Records