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To be inducted into the Nebraska Performing Arts Hall of Fame is to be enshrined into the history of Nebraska forever.  Inductees are nominated from the public at large and decided by the Nebraska Performing Arts Hall of Fame Board of Directors and fellow advisors.

Nomination criteria are as follows:

  • Must be a Nebraska based artist, musician, record store, recording studio, recording label, music store, writer, actor, director, manager, media representative, writer, single artist, radio station DJ, ballroom, club, club owner/manager, or an individual who has made a significant impact on Nebraska’s art, theater, or music scene.

  • Must have been formed or started at least 25 years ago.

  • Significant consideration includes opening for national acts, size of touring region, national notoriety, number of recordings, longevity, quality of original music, professionalism, and how they enhanced the Nebraska art scene as a whole.

  • All final decisions are made by the Nebraska Performing Art Hall of Fame Board of Directors and it’s advisors.

Nominations are accepted at any time, but must be in by midnight on Sept. 15th every year to be considered for the following year.

Nominations submitted without biography will not be considered.  If the biography does not fit in this contact form, feel free to email the Nebraska Performing Arts Hall of Fame office at